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  • Topmix Full mineral Pellets


The Best Inorganic-Organic Plus Macro Mineral Granule Supplement

TOPMIX FULL PELLETS will help you to feed the right amount of minerals to your cows with no dust and less waste. Our pellets are a very high mineral concentration. This means you only need to feed a small amount to cover the mineral requirements of your cows (150g to 300g), significantly reducing the cost per cow per day.

TOPMIX TRIPLE MINERAL PELLET -  20% calcium, 14% magnesium and 20% salt. Dose: from 150g

TOPMIX FULL MINERAL PELLET - 19.5% calcium, 14%magnesium, 20% salt, 1912 ppm copper, 2869 ppm zinc, 28.69 ppm cobalt, 28.769 ppm sele- nium, 51 ppm iodine. Dose: from 150g


  • Reduces dust and mineral loss 
  • Increases zinc during FE season
  • Adds monensin after calving
  • Adjusts the minerals according to targets
  • High feed intake due to palatabiltiy
  • Helps improve fertility
  • Formulated according to blood tests,soil analysis, pasture quality, farm targets, metabolic issues etc
  • Flexible formulation
  • Additives available to introduce into the pellets include vitamins (A,D,E, Biotin, protected niacin), monensin live yeast, mycotoxin binder & protected amino acids, buffers etc

Topmix Full mineral Pellets

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