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  • Topmix Proteinmax

The ideal protein booster to keep production in your cows during summer months

Key Benefits

• Reduces formation of methane
• Provides instant available protein for lactation
• Amino acids combination will help to keep milk protein
• Increases blood glucose level
• Stabilization of milk yield
• Good feed intake due to palatability

A combination of vegetable protein rumen protected amino acids and protein nitrogen plus water soluble sugars combined with a “ruminal ni- trogen regulator” will help your cows keep a healthy and efficient rumen that will maximise profit from your spring investment.

Normally after peak, an average cow will drop in production by 4 - 9% because of a fast drop in grass qual- ity, specifically protein. That value can go up to 15% which means for full lactation you can lose around 50 - 80 kg MS per cow.

Topmix Proteinmax helps keep production and body condition optimised.

Topmix Proteinmax

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