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  • Topmix Molasses Blocks


Complete Mineral Blocks customised to your farm needs

Complete mineral blocks with extra high levels of magnesium customised to your needs. Minimum order of 500kg. 30kg and 50kg plastic bins. 

  • Topmix Calf Block is designed for calves to aid immune function, rumen development and reduce the risk of diarrhoea and respiratory disease. Topmix Heifer Block is ideal for runoff complement.
  • Topmix Dry Block is designed to be used in the management of cows during the dry period as an aid to the prevention of milk fever.
  • Topmix Block Summer is an ideal molasses block to complement low quality grass during summer. High in protien and minerals.

Also, blocks to help prevent facial eczema (with high levels of zinc from sulphate, and organic copper as well as blocks for sheep to help prevent bearings (mycotoxin binder, energy from protected fat, cereals and molasses, high selenium and iodine & thiamine for blind staggers) and a beef block with high magnesium.

Topmix Molasses Blocks

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