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  • Topmix Energymax
The ideal energy booster to improve condition and fertility in cows

Key Benefits
• Provides extra energy without limiting ruminal activity
• Reduces the risk of rumen acidosis or acetomaemia
• Provides soluble sugar to feed rumen bacteria
• Reduces formation of methane
• Stabalisation of milk yield
• Smaller risk of ketone body accumulation
• Reduces blood urea levels which improves fertility
• Glucoplastic substance is present in large amounts to support intermediate metabolism
Topmix Energymax will provide your cows with extra energy of 21 MjME/kg plus the added benefits of Bypass fat high in C16 C18 C18:2 and soluble sugar to feed the rumen bacteria for better utilization of grass protein.

Topmix Energymax

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