Sheep mating and early pregnancy

Sheep mating and early pregnancy
  • Good ewe Body Condition Score during mating means good ovulation rate and high lambing percentage. 
  • Increasing live weight during the mating period will help to improve lambing percentage.
  • Minimise stress during mating - early pregnancy to avoid upsetting oestrus and embryo death.
  • Good feeding in early pregnancy is important for early placental development, which in turn boosts lamb birth weight and hence survival, especially of multiples. 
  • Intake: Ewes need 1.0 to 1.5kg of average to good quality dry matter per day to hold body condition score during mating and early pregnancy.
  • Ewes must be removed from pastures containing toxins like zearalenone or phytoestrogens (NUTRIMIX BLOCK contains mycotoxin binders to suppress the negative effect of toxins).
  • Grass: Recovering pasture for lambing season has to be a priority. Try minimising the risk of heavy covers and grassing wastage/land damage. 

Toxins and fertility

The toxin zearalenone from pasture fungus can reduce ewe fertility and fecundity. Phyto-oestrogens produced by plants such as red clover, subterranean clover and Lucerne can decrease ovulation rate by up to 30%. High ryegrass endophyte pastures can suppress lambing percentage so should not be used around mating time. NUTRIMIX sheep products contain an effective combination of mycotoxin binders.

Balancing the animal’s diet can give you good returns without spending much money. Contact us to arrange a visit to your farm and help you to improve production with the right nutrition.

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