Sheep late pregnancy

Sheep late pregnancy

Ewe nutrients requirements increase significantly in the 4-6 weeks before lambing. This is to support the rapidly growing fetus and encourage proper udder development for colostrum and milk production. 70% of lamb fetal growth occurs in the last 6 weeks, during which time rumen capacity and food intake are decreasing. If nutrient demands of the ewe are not met, not only can pregnancy toxemia/ twin lamb disease occur but also lamb growth and survival will be compromised. 

Ensure adequate nutrient intake for strong, vigorous lambs.


  • Reduced fetal growth in pre-lambing period results in lower birth weight lambs
  • Poor ewe nutrition may result in reduced brown fat reserves in the lamb
  • Poor ewe condition (underfeeding) reduces colostrum and milk production
  • Poor ewe nutrition can reduce mineral and vitamin levels in the lamb, specially selenium (immunity), cobalt (energy metabolism), iodine (goiter), copper (weak lambs)

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Balancing the animal’s diet can give you good returns without spending much money.

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