Fodder Beet Utilization

Fodder Beet has increased in popularity in the last years due to the high production and high energy feed.

Fodder Beet Utilization

Fodder Beet has increased in popularity in the last years due to the high production and high energy feed. For many farmers management has been the big concern with fodder beet, acidosis, milk fever symptoms, utilisation is many of the issues that people find when starting feed fodder beet. Because it is not a cheap crop to produce, the right utilisation is the key point to obtain good results and profit from it.

Management key points:

  • Gradual introduction in the diet, cows need 14-21 days to full adaptation.
  • Work out your break size accurately, during the first week, be sure that cows eat plant and bulb before giving next break.
  • Consider time management, cows can consume 1kgDM every 15-20mins.
  • Feed any source of EFFECTIVE FIBRE prior to putting cows on the crop. (Hay, baleage, straw).
  • Balance minerals (especially phosphorus) to avoid milk fever symptoms.
  • If you are planning feed greater than 3kg DM, consider to feed a buffer to avoid acidosis.
  • If you want to be consistent in the amount to feed, during the winter period the crops will continue to grow, make break size adjustments.


 To avoid health problems, improve the FB utilisation, and to obtain the best profit from the crop we have designed a new product. With the combination of nutritional and technical innovation, we designed NUTRIBEET, a product that will provide all the minerals required for ruminants on Fodder Beet + a combination of buffers + weather protect technic.

NUTRIMIX NUTRIBEET is a high concentrate formula, coated for weather conditions protection to keep its power longer. The moisture resistant technologies used in NUTRIBEET are highly effective at keeping the product dry in wet conditions by forming a thin “weatherproof” crust. Ensuring the right ratio of containers to animals and the use of mesh to restrict intake are also important techniques. Contact our Advisor to discuss.

DOSE RATE: Cows 100 g/h/day, sheep 30 g/h/d

  • Price: $ 2.1/kg (25kg or 1000kg bags)

Fodder Beet Molasses Block: (30 litres plastic bins). For farmers that prefer blocks over lose minerals we have high phosphorous blocks (6%), with all the minerals required to supplement FB. 

  • Block Price: $62+GST

For supplementation of Fodder Beet we recommend the utilisation of Loose Lick supplements. This can provide much better value for money than Blocks. Powders have little or no requirement for the use of binders or fillers. Whereas blocks it very difficult to provide the correct amount per animal due to the amount required.

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