Count down to calving

Count down to calving

Managing your cows correctly in the last 3 weeks prior to calving is one of the most critical stages in the cow calendar. If things go wrong at this stage the full season can be affected.

Body Condition: ideal BC at calving will be 4.5-5, it’s preferable for cows to reach these condition before dry.

Nutrition: Good quality grass (11 MjME/kgDM) is capable of supplying the majority of nutrients needed by a dry cow, but 2-3 weeks before calving we recommend adding 1-2 kg straw or hay, and 50% of the supplements that you are planning to feed to milking cows.

MineralsAn annual mineral test of your pasture will give you a good idea of mineral content in the grass, make sure the cows cover their minerals requirements, particularly selenium and iodine, they are important in mobilizing brown fat in the new-born.  Be sure to adjust mineral supply 15-20 day pre-calving, this could be critical for your cows. Calcium has to be controlled (no supplementation at less you are feeding Anionic Salts), magnesium has to be supplemented always (magnesium sources would depend on the diet, ask your consultant), salt can be important to supplement when the diet is high in Potassium, 5 basic trace elements has to be supplemented at this stage, Cobalt very important for energy metabolization, Selenium for immune system like iodine, zinc and copper. Call us to adjust minerals in your diet.

Anionic SaltsIf your herd has had metabolic problems before, Anionic Salts (AA) can be a good tool to decrease incidences of it. Usually, in high Potassium diets, like New Zealand, the supplementation of anionic salts help cows to deal with calcium mobilization after calving, basically the supplementation of AA "switching ON" the calcium mobilization process, process that takes 15 days to be 100% active, so, if we start the AA supplementation 15 days before calving the process will be fully functional at calving, time when high demand of calcium is required, at we will avoid milk fever effect. NUTRIMIX SPRINGERS or NUTRIMIX ANIONIC SALTS

Special Considerations for this seasonThe very high incidence of FACIAL ECZEMA during last summer could compromise the liver function of our cows, per clinical case of FE on the farm could be 10 or more cows subclinical affected. A New Zealand study of 565,000 dairy cows (Faull, 1991) showed that only 6% of all animals had skin lesions, while 38% had liver damage. The more important advice to manage those cows will be “Eliminate any possible stress situation” (feed, management, environmental condition, metabolics), especially, those that can stress the liver, like KETOSES. Clinical and subclinical KETOSIS can be produced pre-calving or after calving for many reasons:

  • BC can be one of the main reasons:  over condition cows (>5), carry over cows.
  • Low energy intake. 
  • Low dry matter intake

NUTRI-LIVER is a specially designed product to relief the liver from extra pressure, during the most stressful time of the year (transition period).

COLOSTRUM (the fuel for life): It is the first feed for the new-born and the key to survival and develops. A newborn should receive colostrum within 6-12 hours of birth. Colostrum is the first source of immunity; calves have a very permeable gut lining that can allow any ingested bacteria and toxins into the blood. Keep in mind that more weight gain in the first 60 days means more production in your future cows.

NUTRICALF: NUTRIMIX product specifically formulated to improve calves development. A combination of ACTISAF47, glucomannans, trace elements and vitamins will help you to have more healthy and well-developed calves.


SPRINGERSCombination of anionic salts to avoid metabolic problems.

  • Dose: 300g during 15 days before calving
  • Price: $1,200-1,400/tonne. Full cow treatment cost: $5.4-6.3

NUTRI-LIVERTo relief liver stress, especially design for FACIAL ECSEMA affected herds. 

  • Dose 20g / cow / day. During 10 days
  • Price: $295/12kg bucket or $165/6kg bucket. Full cow treatment cost: $4.9

NUTRI-CALFImmune Booster to improve calf growth.

  • Dose: 5 g /day (with the milk or meal)
  • Price: 5kg: $92, 10kg: $169, 20kg: $287. Full calf treatment cost: $4.30
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