Be ready for the new season

Be ready for the new season

Planning ahead the next season is part of the success, take your time, make your budget, put your targets and be ready. It is also important to have a “plan B” and sufficient flexibility in your farm that allows us to adapt to possible changes throughout the season (weather, pay-out, animal health ...).

NUTRIMIX is happy to help you in your next season plan, our expertise in animal nutrition and management can be helpful and profitable to you, please contact us if you need advice (0800-688 746).

The Perfect Start:

“Healthy cows and calves” are the 1st target to start the season right. Feeding and management of dry cows and close-up cows is one of the keys to have a good result in this area.

Dry Cows: Grass or grass silage plus hay usually give the dry cows enough nutrients to maintain the right BC for calving (4.5-5). Minerals blocks (DRY COWS) will help to keep mineral balance during this period. Farmers that are feeding winter crops need to check BC more closely and adjust minerals (especially selenium, iodine, and in case of fodder beet phosphorus).

Transition Cows3-2 weeks before calving cows suffer a big physiological change, the requirements increase, intake decrease, colostrum and milk production, new feeds, new routine, social change…… All these factors produce stress and depress immunity in the animals, a smooth transition and good nutrition will help your cows go through this period with none of the problems.

If your herd has had metabolic problems before, Anionic Salts (AA) can be a good tool to decrease incidences of it. Usually, in high Potassium diets, like New Zealand, the supplementation of anionic salts help cows to deal with calcium mobilization after calving, basically the supplementation of AA "switching ON" the calcium mobilization process, process that takes 15 days to be 100% active, so, if we start the AA supplementation 15 days before calving the process will be fully functional at calving, time when high demand of calcium is required, at we will avoid milk fever effect. NUTRIMIX SPRINGERS. For cows on winter crops we recommend NUTRIMIX SPRINGERS PLUS (extra phosphorus, monensin and protected Niacin ANEVIS)

CalvesFaster growth during the first 60 days of life means more milk production from those animals in the future; resent research show no doubt about it. With that target in mind go for.



During the first weeks of their lives, a calf is functionally simple-stomached. This is when milk is its main source of nutrition. Research shows that calves that get free access to milk drink about eight to ten litres per day grow better that those with restricted milk supply. 

Calf meal:

New-born calves eat hardly any solid foods for the first two or three weeks. As the gastrointestinal tracts in such young calves are not sufficiently developed to digest solid foods, a suckling calf cannot compensate insufficient amounts of milk by eating fodder or feed concentrates. High quality energy (grains ad super fibres) and high quality protein (soybean meal) ingredients are the key for fast growing animals.  50g of chaff a day improve solid feed intake and rumen development. 


NUTRICALF: Immune system booster to improve calf development. Can be added to the milk or feed.

  • Cost per calf/day: 5.74 cents ($3.45 full 60days treatment per calf)
  • 20 kg bag for full treatment (50 days) of 80 calves cost $287
  • Composition: Live yeast, Beta glucans, mannoproteins, vitamins, and minerals



  • TOPMIX CALF 50:50………1 $/kg
  • Your Grain…………………0.45 $/kg
  • COST* per kg calf feed…0.725 $/kg                                      

*Similar feed quality on the market +1,200 $/T

Composition: Protein (soybean), super fibres, Live yeast, Beta glucans, mannoproteins, vitamins, and minerals.

TOPMIX SPRINGERS or SPRINGERS PLUSA balanced cation-anions formulation to promote optimum cow’s potentials and avoid milk fever (plus: monensin and protected NIACIN to prevent subclinical ketosis.

To supplement only 15 days pre-calving, total cost full treatment $6.3/cow

TOPMIX 4CM is a special supplement for colostrum cows to boost cow’s health. Colostrum production required high amount of nutrients from the cows in a moment of high stress, low intake, big physiological changes, plus cold weather conditions at calving time, that increase energy requirements in that crucial moment. Especially design for cows that show weakness after calving, or herd with high production targets, where quickly recovery after calving means profit.

ONLY FOR COLOSTRUM COWS, for just 3-4 days.

  • Daily Dose Rate: 250 grams per cow/day 
  • Price: 20kg bag  $102
  • Composition: Energy and immune system booster plus high absorption calcium and magnesium

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